Link Audits


  • Remove toxic links

  • Avoid link penalties

What does Link Audit include?

Analyze your links to determine which are helping and which are hurting.

Receive a disavow file so you can tell Google which links to ignore.

Get an explainer video pointing out what to avoid in the future.

Benefits of Proactive Link Audits

Harmful link removal

Identify and remove links that are harming your rankings right now.

Inform Google

Upload a disavow file to drastically reduce the risk of getting a Google Manual Action for Unnatural Inbound Links.

Recover lost rankings

Boost your rankings and traffic by having a clean link profile.

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Got a Manual Action: Unnatural Links Penalty?


Audit Package

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Bespoke Package

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Don't Just Take Our Word

We have worked with various clients over the years

andrew halliday

“The team at Backlink Doctor are great they where able to help me removing toxic backlinks that i never knew i had. My website went from 5,500 visits per month to 8,000 visits a month. Every quarter now i get Backlink Doctor to perform an audit for all my websites.”

Andrew Halliday

Ecommerce Website Owner

Rick Hope

“At our agency we have various local & ecom clients which we pro-actively use Backlink Doctor to help with toxic backlinks it is now part of our SOP for any new client we take on. The team at Backlink Doctor always deliver a very detailed report!”

Rick Hope

Agency Owner

“If you are building links without getting an audit from Backlink Doctor then you are on the route for disaster! I have now bought one for all my affiliate websites i personally like how it highlights which links are harmful for your website and which links should be powered up with tiered link building.”

James Dooley

Affiliate Website Owner

Got questions?

Frequently asked questions

What is a backlink audit?

A backlink audit provides a fully detailed report highlighting which backlinks have been built to your website that you should keep but more importantly it goes into detail showing which backlinks you should disavow and tell google to ignore.

What is a toxic backlink?

A toxic backlink is a link that's been built to your site that is holding your website back. 90% of the time website owners think they have purchased a good healthy link and when we run our report we highlight infact that the links they bought 2 months ago are toxic and holding their website back from ranking.

Why is a backlink audit important?

On-going backlink audits are important for your websites on-going health. A backlink that you may have purchased 12 months ago could have been healthy at the time of the purchase however of the span of 12 months the referring domain could have become toxic. We see this alot with our audits!

How do you conduct a backlink audit?

Our team at Backlink Doctor have a vigorous 300 step check that we peform on every single website. We look at various factors such as low power / high power, low trust / high trust percentages. The biggest mistake that you can make is just looking at DR & UR when building backlinks. We use a custom in-house tool to perform all of our backlink audits.

How long does a backlink audit take?

A backlink audit can typically take 2/3 weeks to perform this does depend on the size of the website the amount of referring domains and how toxic your website is.

Do disavows work?

Yes disavows work, however the reason why most SEO's don't believe in them is it's very important the steps you take after your disavow you need to understand that your website is in healing mode and you need link rejuvenation pack to increase your trust, power and authority within your niche. Mainly people will disavow and not build these type of links re-spam their website with toxic backlinks which is a receipe for disastor.

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